Andy Hamilton will re-join the PDC Circuit after claiming his Tour Card at 2020 Q-School and having plied his trade since dropping off the tour in the BDO, he has reflected about his time in the organisation.

Hamilton is well known as being a critic of the BDO regime and has recently called for Des Jacklin to resign but despite that, he thanked everyone on the circuit for welcoming him and admitted that it massively helped him in his return to the PDC.

“I’d like to say a massive thank you for to the BDO circuit and family for welcoming myself into the tour, what I’ve learnt about myself and my own game in the last two years you can’t put a price on; I won’t forget the memories I’ve made and the brilliant people I’ve met,” said Hamilton on Facebook.

“The events from Selsey to Sweden and every where in between have played a massive part in helping me find that love back for the game, I can’t think of many events I played in that I didn’t enjoy. I can’t say enough how much the last two years have changed my perspective on darts, each and every person I’ve played, had a beer with, signed autographs for or had photos with thank you for bringing a positive outlook on darts back for me.”

“The hard work started when I lost my tour card; now the hard work must continue, I’ve won nothing yet.”

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Finally starting to settle in that I’m a Tour Card Holder again, I can not wait to get started. If you’d have said I’d…

Posted by Andy Hamilton on Saturday, 25 January 2020

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Author: Samuel Gill