Luke Humphries is one of the newcomers on the PDC circuit this year. ‘Cool Hand’ owes his Tour Card to his good performance on the Development Tour in 2017.

Humphries has also performed well on the main circuit of the PDC. The Englishman qualified for the first four Euro Tour tournaments.

At these events, Humphries offered the best players a good match, but at the important moments he still has a shortage.

On his Facebook page, Humphries states that he must learn to finish matches and throw more consistently.

The 23-year-old Brit came to this conclusion, after he had lost to Steve Beaton last Saturday after a last leg decider.

“These were the hottest conditions I have ever played. I did not feel well during the game and lost 6 to Beaton. Hopefully I learn to finish matches in the future. ”

“I have learned a lot in the last four Euro Tour tournaments. They were more negative lessons than positive ones. My time may come, I have to learn to play more consistently. I know I have it in me.


Author: Samuel Gill