The World Series goes to Auckland, Melbourne and Brisbane in the coming weeks and ahead of that, had the opportunity to interview Haupai Puha.

Puha will be competing in two out of the three; as he makes his World Series debut in Auckland and Melbourne.
Topics included how he got into darts; as well as his thoughts going into the tournaments as well as whether he would potentially follow the likes of Cody Harris in moving over to the UK.

Q. Thanks for your time Haupai, to start off how did you get into darts?

A. Darts was a family game growing up we all played in the garage. I didnt start competing until 3years ago as I was playing golf at that stage.

Q. One of the main reasons for the interview is due to you competing in Auckland and Melbourne in the upcoming World Series events, what are your thoughts going into the events?

A. I am looking forward to seeing how my game goes against the best; and how or if I can handle that type of pressure I am excited.

Q. Recently Cody Harris moved over to the UK to try and make a life for himself playing darts like Kyle Anderson, if you played well on the World Series could you potentially go down a similar route?

A. I would love to give it a go; but I’m not financially ready to take that type of step so early in my career as I have a family to look after.

Q. If you could draw whoever out of the PDC representatives in the two events who would you say and why?

A. I don’t think it’s a question of who I want to draw it’s a question of who I dont want to draw. Obviously it would be a dream to play the best in example MVG or Anderson. To be honest they are probably the two I wouldn’t want to play if I were to have a chance of winning.

Q. Finally what would you say are your future ambitions in darts that you hope to complete?

A. World Cup of Darts team and the World Championship next year. No goals after that yet.

Interview conducted by Samuel Gill, writer for

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Author: Samuel Gill