The UK Open this year was known as the event that fell foul to adverse conditions in and around Minehead. Now after the event, Barry Hearn in an interview has spoke about Butlins and how the event was handled.

In the interview conducted by Burton deWitt and Alex Moss of the Weekly Dartscast, Hearn himself called it a disaster; also admitted it should and could have been handled better by Butlins.

‘It was a brutal week for just about everybody’ said Hearn in the interview with the Weekly Dartscast.

When asked about rearranging Hearn said the following: ’There was no way we could cancel and rearrange’.

‘My primary concern is always towards the players. There was £400,000 in prize money and the show must go on’.

’There were lots of negatives’ ‘It was handled extremely badly by Butlins. We (the PDC) asked them to make a statement and they believed it would be ok’.

Also he spoke about how Butlins handled it on the day of the event: ‘Panic set in with a mixture of burst water pipes and they made the decision to abandon’.

’It had a dramatic effect on my revenue because clearly I wasn’t going to get paid. 7-800 people got there and for some ridiculous reason they weren’t allowed to go into the arena. It should and could have been handled differently.’

’It was a disaster of an event and Butlins could have handled it better.’


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Author: Samuel Gill