Barry Hearn as well as winning the PDC Fishing Championship spoke to the media including Live Darts about in this case the BDO.

This stemmed from new chairman Des Jacklin lifting restrictions on players to play in the PDC.
For Hearn it is common sense and he takes his hat off to them. The PDC chairman has said though that his players are under contract and as such can’t play in their tournaments.
“The signs are much more positive than they’ve been before in as far as – what a common sense decision by the BDO,” Hearn told Live Darts.
“It’s the best common sense decision I can remember for some time.
“I take my hat off to them, I think it was a brave decision to say PDC players can play wherever they want.
“They must know, and we’ve made it clear, that our players are under contract and they can’t play on anything that’s not sanctioned by the PDC because that gives us the exclusivity in terms of our events and television contracts where we can command very significant broadcast fees because of the exclusivity from which the players benefit.
“I think the next stage now is that realisation that the game’s moved on but we’ve both got a role to play.”

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Author: Samuel Gill