Barry Hearn spoke to Live Darts after the huge announcement which started the week about the PDC World Darts Championship expanding with two ladies gaining spots. Topics included BDO who of course currently have a separate tour for the ladies.

Hearn admitted it would have been a terrible waste of money if his takeover of the BDO went through and so was glad in that regard. For him, he only wanted to take over in order to finally claim the World Championship for his organisation.
The PDC chairman continued speaking about the ladies spot saying for him there is no reason that they are not good enough to be up there and sees it as potentially a lack of dedication.
“The sadness for me has always been that the Lakeside is being called the World Professional Darts Championship,” said Hearn to Live Darts.
“I think that’s disrespectful to punters.
“That’s the only reason I tried to buy them really, I just wanted to make sure I owned that title!
“I was hearing some bad stories about last week [World Darts Trophy] that there were only 50 people in the crowd.
“I heard it was eight thousand pounds to the winner. I just don’t know what you do.
“I’m just so glad I didn’t give them two million quid because it would have been a terrible waste of money.”
He added: “I still can’t believe there’s a reason why they’re not good enough to be up there.
“The only thing I can come back to is, either lack of dedication on their part or lack of opportunity on our part.
“The critics will say it’s an opportunity once a year, we’ve got the amateur circuit but we can’t fast track because we have a system in place in the same way respected tours like golf do.
“There’s Q School, and as harsh as it may sound, if you’re not good enough, you don’t deserve to be there.”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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Author: Samuel Gill