Deta Hedman has previously been a player who has been subject to vile racist abuse including after her defeat in the BDO World Championship first round in 2019 where she was sent an email which included a racial slur.

At the time, Hedman said that it wasn’t the first time this has taken place referencing an incident in the Czech Republic and speaking recently as part of Inside the WDF’s Golden Arrows series, ‘The Heart of Darts’ discussed her experiences with racism including that instance.

“If you offend me, I will let you know. But if you do it again then I will do something about it but I leave you in no belief where I stand and if I know somebody doesn’t like me for whatever reason, I will speak with them and they will say then ok you’re entitled to your opinion as I am, I just go about my business. As long as I’m not attacked it’s not a problem,” said Hedman.

“We were in Prague and I was playing and I remember my partner Paul was fuming and I went what’s the matter with you. Someone in perfect English just said “I didn’t realise they could teach monkeys to play darts”. He didn’t know who it was, but it still goes on, I never heard it but Paul did and I’ve never seen him so mad.”


Author: Samuel Gill