Phil Taylor reunited his feud with Michael van Gerwen at the weekend which has been brewing since the World Matchplay last month where after his win over the World Number One, Taylor said about him needing to grow up due to texting Vincent Van Der Voort during his match with Whitlock saying he’s out.

Now after another win for the 16 times World Champion at the Champions League he spoke about him not only being a wind up but him complaining about needless parts of the match just because he lost. Van Gerwen as a result will want to get one over Taylor before he retires either at the Grand Slam or World Championship to signal that Taylor’s career is over.

“I can play better than that, of course I can, and Michael can. I just played Michael’s game. He’s a wind-up and so am I. I’ve just given him back what he normally gives.”

“He gives it large when he goes in front, so I thought give it him large when I win a leg and that’s what I did. He’s the world number one and world champion. It just shows everybody that I can still play the game.”

He continued by saying that “When he came off he had a go at Bob [Glenn] and said I kept moving his stuff and I was disrespectful. He’s talking a load of rubbish to be honest with you. I don’t touch his stuff and I don’t even know what he’s on about, what stuff? His dart case? No idea, but who cares?”

“He’s the best winner in the world, he is, but when he loses, he’s the biggest mard-arse to have ever drew breath and I’ll tell him when I go upstairs, trust me,” Taylor finally added as parting shots to the World Number One.

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Author: Samuel Gill