The highest averages are in for the first weekend of the PDC Asian Tour. A lot of the big names that are part of the tour do not figure though in the top ten including Keita Ono and Royden Lam.

One player who features heavily is the nine dart hero from the first event on Saturday, Noel Malicdem. He hit averages of 98.7 and 98.1 as the Asian Tour begun.

The two highest averages came from Kunimasa Makuuchi, the Japanese player is a former Japan Open Quarter-Finalist but barring that is relatively unknown. He hit 105.8.

The second highest came from another relative unknown, a losing semi finalist on the Sunday; Pupo Teng Llieh who hit 103.0 and lost to Park Hyun Chul in that semi-final after defeating Paul Lim in the quarter-finals.

There are some bigger names as the list goes on with the likes of Yuki Yamada, Lourence Iligan. As well as Haruki Muramatsu and Paul Lim who are also there.

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Author: Samuel Gill