The top averages has been released from the US Darts Masters with Nathan Aspinall leading the way.

Aspinall of course claimed the title and showed his progression throughout the tournament.

His highest came right at the end with 106.70 in the final and it was 104.21 in the semi-finals in second.

He also had his second round effort in the top eight with 100.37 down in seventh place.

The standings also showed the form of Peter Wright and Michael Smith; with both players accounting for all but one of the rest of the top eight.

The only other player to get in as a result was Cross who’s first round effort of 101.33 got him into fifth spot.

1. Nathan Aspinall 106.70 (final)
2. Nathan Aspinall 104.21 (semi-finals)
3. Peter Wright 102.10 (semi-finals)
4. Michael Smith 101.77 (semi-finals)
5. Rob Cross 101.33 (first round)
6. Peter Wright 100.59 (second round)
7. Nathan Aspinall 100.37 (second round)
8. Michael Smith 100.14 (final)

Lucas Peltier/PDC

Photo: Lucas Peltier/PDC

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Author: Samuel Gill