The PDC’s ranking system has been a bone of contention for a little while now.

At the moment, the Order of Merit is all about the money. Earnings dictate where players stand and, ultimately, if they can hold on to the PDC Tour Card. There has been some debate over whether this is the best way of judging performance. Rod Harrington quashed any suggestion of a change being made. But there have definitely been calls for change.

Here at, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to project that change.

Read on to see how the PDC rankings would pan out with a points-based merit system.

Points breakdown

The main challenge in working out a points system is allocating totals to each events – not managing the right balance could make one event disproportionately important, or unimportant. The prize money offers a decent guideline in this case.

Becoming the world champion would land 2000 points. Even attending the World Championship would secure 20. The World Matchplay, World Grand Prix and Grand Slam of Darts fall into a second category. Then come the Minehead events, the UK Open and Players Championship Finals, as well as the European Championship.

250 points would be the prize for claiming a European Tour event. Players would need to go deep into the competition to rack up serious points, rather than turning up and claiming a handy £1,000 of ranking money. As you’ll see later, this does have an impact on the Order of Merit.

The Pro Tour ranking rewards board winners. with a sharp rise from the last 32 to the last 16, and again up to the quarter-finals.

We’ve opted to include the Challenge Tour in this projection. This is inspired by tennis’ ranking system – just as players on the Challenger Tour can earn important ATP or WTA points, the Challenge Tour should give an opportunity for standout players to earn their way up the rankings.

Category Win  Final  SF  QF Last 16Last 32Last 48Last 64Last 96
World Championship2000120072036018090X4520
WMP / WGP / GSOD10006003601809045XXX
PCF / EC / UK Open6003602251509045X2510
European Tour25015010070452010XX
Pro Tour1006045301510X5X
*Challenge Tour107531XXXX

*As there is a Challenger Tour on the tennis circuit, points from the Challenge Tour for current players on PDC Order of Merit have been added

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

PDC Order of Merit transformed into a points sytem (correct as per June 25)

The ‘difference’ column refers to the position on our Order of Merit, compared to the current PDC Order of Merit. For example, as Peter Wright is the current PDC world number five but would be our number three, Snakebite has +2 in the column.

PosName PointsDiff.  +/-
1Michael van Gerwen12.160
2Rob Cross6505
3Peter Wright5870+2
4Daryl Gurney5465-1
5Gary Anderson4795-1
6Gerwyn Price4510+1
7Michael Smith4465-1
8Mensur Suljovic4380+1
9Ian White3730+1
10Simon Whitlock3665+2
11James Wade3615-3
12Dave Chisnall3455-1
13Darren Webster2825+2
14Joe Cullen2820+3
15Jonny Clayton2780-1
16Adrian Lewis2750
17Stepen Bunting2265+1
18Nathan Aspinall2195-5
19Steve Beaton2075
20John Henderson2045
21Mervyn King1960+1
22Jermaine Wattimena1860+1
23Steve West1855-2
24Max Hopp1730+1
25Kyle Anderson1710-1
26Kim Huybrechts1615+2
27James Wilson1560-1
28Jeffrey de Zwaan1465+5
29Dimitri van den Bergh1410+2
Chris Dobey1410+3
31Jamie Lewis1400-5
32Keegan Brown1385-2
33Raymond van Barneveld1355-4
34Krzysztof Ratajski1347+3
35Jelle Klaasen1345+1
36Ricky Evans1340+6
37Steve Lennon1250-3
38Danny Noppert1230+3
39Vincent van der Voort1170-4
40Alan Norris1140-2
41Brendan Dolan1120-1
42Justin Pipe1070+3
43Benito van de Pas1045
44Cristo Reyes1030-5
45Richard North1010-1
46William O’Connor985
47Ron Meulenkamp970+7
48Robert Thornton925-1
49Josh Payne915+1
50Martin Schindler905+2
51Ryan Searle885
52Ryan Joyce870-3
53Jan Dekker865-5
54Gabriel Clemens780+2
55Luke Humphries760
56James Richardson725+1
57Toni Alcinas695-4
58Ross Smith690
59Corey Cadby620+3
60Mark Webster610+1
61Mickey Mansell605-1
62Glen Durrant560+3
63Christian Kist505
64Simon Stevenson515+2
65Zoran Lerchbacher465-1
66Ronny Huybrechts455+1
67Robert Owen425+3
68Devon Petersen415-9
Matthew Edgar415+1
70Wayne Jones385+2
71Luke Woodhouse335
72Jamie Hughes315+3
73Jose de Sousa290+4
74Wayne Jones285-2
75Arron Monk280
76Adam Hunt275-3
77Harry Ward260+1
78Ryan Meikle255+1
79Tytus Kanik250+1
80Robert Marijanovic245-6
81Dirk van Duijvenbode215+1
82Ted Evetts210+1
83Peter Hudson195+1
84Mark McGeeney185+3
85Andy Boulton180+1
86Bradley Brooks175+1
87Ritchie Edhouse161+6
88Jose Justicia155+2
89Scott Baker150+5
Mario Robbe150
91Madars Razma140
92Ryan Harrington135
93Kevin Burness125-13
94Boris Koltsov121+8
95Gavin Carlin120+4
Vincent Kamphuis120+2
Mark Wilson120+2
98Mark Dudbridge115-2
Davy van Baelen115-3
Rowby-John Rodriguez115+2
101Scott Taylor106+12
102Dawson Murschell100-1
George Killington100
104Kirk Shepherd95
105Vincent van der Meer85-1
106Nathan Rafferty84
107Dennis Nilsson83+7
108Joe Murnan80-2
109Stephen Burton76+10
110Geert Nentjes75-2
111Karel Sedlacek70+8
Yordi Meeuwisse70-3
Conan Whitehead70-3
114David Pallett65-3
Nathan Derry65-3
116Dave Prins63+3
117Andrew Gilding61+12
118Gary Eastwood60-4
John Michael60-4
Marko Kantele60-4
John Goldie60+9
122Reece Robinson55-3
Christian Bunse55-4
124Michael Rasztovits53-5
125Diogo Portela52+4
126Matt Clark50-7
Tony Newell50+1
Adrian Gray50-7
129Niels Zonneveld45-10
Carl Wilkinson45
Jonathan Worsley45
Terry Temple45
133Mick Todd41+5
134Mike de Decker40+1
Eddie Dootson40
Jamie Bain40+1
Callan Rydz40+12
138Danny van Trijp37
139Barrie Bates35-2
140Wesley Plaisier31-2
141Maik Kuivenhoven30-3
Jyhan Artut30-3
Kim Viljanen30-3
Pavel Jirkal30-3
Steffen Siepmann30+6
146Martin Atkins (Leeds)27-1
147Shaun Carroll25+12
148Jerry Hendriks23-1
149Cody Harris22-2
Matthew Dennant22-2
151Mark Barilli21-4
152Michael Rosenauer20-5
Michael Hurtz20-5
Dragutin Horvat20-5
Per Laursen20-5
Florian Hempel20-5
Kevin Knopf20-5
Kevin Munch20-5
159Ricky Williams17+1
Patrick van den Boogaard17+1
161Jason Wilson16-1
162William Borland13-2
163Jimmy Hendriks11-3
Lukas Wenig11-3
165Adam Huckvale10-5
Mike van Duivenbode10-5
Johan Engstrom10-5
Alexander Merkx10-5
Erik Hol10-5
Dietmar Burger10-5
Pal Szekely10-5
Niels-Joergen Hansen10-5
Krzysztof Kciuk10-5
Benjamin Fasching10-5
Stefan Bellmont10-5
Ricardo Pietreczko10-5
Pero Ljubic10-5
Daniel Klose10-5
Teuvo Haverinen10-5
Magnus Caris10-5
Thomas Kohnlein10-5
Patrick Tringler10-5
Karsten Koch10-5
Marko Puls10-5
Nico Kurz10-5
Maik Langendorf10-5
Mike Holz10-5
Fabian Herz10-5

Top 8 biggest beneficiaries

Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

Photo: Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

The main takeaway from the results is that there isn’t a huge impact at the top of the Order of Merit. Neither should there be; while it’s not ideal to see players picking and choosing events without dropping down the rankings, performing at the big events is still the most important thing.

Most of the big movers are from the Challenge Tour. In fact, John Goldie and Karel Sedlacek are the only exceptions. Good performances on the Challenge Tour benefit the likes of Scott Taylor, Shaun Carroll and Callan Rydz. The latter also profits from a strong Players Championship performance at the weekend.

NameDiff. +
Scott Taylor12
Shaun Carroll12
Callan Rydz12
Andrew Gilding12
Stephen Burton10
John Goldie9
Boris Koltsov8
Karel Sedlacek8

Top ten biggest beneficiaries in Order of Merit top 64

Looking further up the Order of Merit, a number of 2019’s top performers get a well-deserved boost. Ricky Evans, Jeffrey de Zwaan, Krzysztof Ratajski and Glen Durrant are among the movers and shakers.

NameDiff. +
Ron Meulenkamp7
Ricky Evans6
Jeffrey de Zwaan5
Joe Cullen3
Chris Dobey3
Krzysztof Ratajski3
Danny Noppert3
Justin Pipe3
Corey Cadby3
Glen Durrant3

Top 12 victims

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Kevin Burness, currently enjoying a Order of Merit position built off a solitary World Championship win, suffers the biggest drop. The same is true for Devon Petersen, who often profits from regular Ally Pally appearances.

NameDiff. –
Kevin Burness-13
Niels Zonneveld-10
Devon Petersen-9
Matt Clark-7
Robert Marijanovic-6
Jan Dekker-5
Cristo Reyes-5
Jamie Lewis-5
Nathan Aspinall-5
Toni Alcinas-4
Vincent van der Voort-4
Raymond van Barneveld-4

Author: Pieter