Jamie Hughes made the move over from the BDO to the PDC in January. He failed to claim his tour card but has impressed getting to the last 32 of the UK Open.

Also Hughes also known as ‘Yozza’ has qualified for the European Darts Open, the first Euro Tour of the year.

Now in a recent interview with Red Dragon, his darts supplier he has admitted he wants to get fit to give him a further edge in his PDC career.

He said in this interview : “It’s quite a few years since I played the game at semi-pro level. But I think I need to feel fitter and I will be going back to the gym.

“I might look to lose a few pounds. But it’s more for stamina and to feel fit in body and mind. In a recent event I was at the venue for 13 hours.

“That’s a new thing for me at the PDC. You don’t get long breaks between matches either and I was shattered at the end of that day. I went straight back to the hotel and slept, I didn’t event eat.

“These days you genuinely have to look after yourself to play darts. You can’t afford to be unfit for long games or days under the stage lights.

“There’s a few things I’m having to get used since switching. It wasn’t a decision I took lightly but to be honest, it wasn’t even a decision. I just had to do it.

He also said finally about not having anything else to achieve in the BDO. “I didn’t feel I could achieve anymore at the BDO. I need game time and there’s so much of that at the PDC, I couldn’t just one tournament a season like previously.

“I’m getting there though slowly. I’ve started to play a bit better after the disappointment of not coming through Q School.


Author: Samuel Gill