Luke Humphries saw off Stephen Bunting in what was another brilliant win for the Newbury ace who is making his mark on the big stage and he afterwards that if anyone would have told him that he would be in this position two years ago he wouldn’t have believed them.

Also in his interview with Live Darts he thought though that he was going to make it slip due to Bunting’s obvious experience.
‘If you would have told me this two years ago I wouldn’t have believed you. Two great performances on the stage, that game was a lot harder than the first one.’
He added: ‘I was tested there at the right times. I thought that experience was going to prevail for Stephen, I wasn’t in a negative mind but he kept hitting the right scores at the right times, I was thinking was I going to let it slip.’
On whether he thinks that the bottom half has now opened up with all the shocks, Humphries admitted that while he dares to dream to be World Champion there is still a lot of good players left involved.
‘I don’t think it’s opened up that much. Looking at Jonny vs Dimitri next that’s a really tough game and after that I’m looking at Rob Cross so I don’t think it’s open, I think there’s a lot more players to play. We all dream to be World Champion but you have to be a realist and take every game as it comes.’
He spoke also about his new found supporters and for ‘Cool Hand’, he says it means a lot.
‘Everybody who sends me a message on Facebook or Twitter, I always reply as it means a lot to me as obviously I am just starting out in my career.’
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Author: Samuel Gill