Luke Humphries is known as one of the best prospects in darts and that was shown in last year’s PDC World Championship where he reached the Quarter-Finals.

Despite that though he gave a frank admission soon after about his mental health fears which raised questions in the darting community.

At the recent Champion of Champions, he caught up with Live Darts and said that he’s seeked help and feels happy in himself now.

He said that the difference is that he doesn’t feel pressure anymore and that he feels more relaxed about everything now.

Also he said that professionals had come up to him and admitted they were feeling the same thing so he realised he’s not alone.

‘It has been difficult, I’m not going to lie, it’s not been an easy year for me. I’ve been struggling not just in darts but in personal circumstances but I’ve seeked the help and I feel happy in myself,’ said Humphries to LiveDarts.

‘I feel relaxed, I don’t feel pressure anymore. I feel much more relaxed about everything; while 12 months ago I would have been here more stressed and panicked.’

‘I had a lot of professionals come up to me and say they’d been through the same thing; it just makes you realise you’re not alone as I felt lonely. I thought I was the only person going through this; no one else is struggling.’

‘It’s why I put the point to give the game up as I thought I can’t go through this. I’m the only person so I might as well give up; but I’ve experienced people say to me we’ve struggled too. It does happen, not just in darts but in general life.’

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Author: Samuel Gill