Luke Humphries returned to winning ways last weekend at the Development Tour, a win which he says he didn’t expect.

The Newbury ace has been battling with mental health issues which were revealed at the turn of the year.

As a result he took some time off and said it helped him and was the right decision for him in the end.

He added that at the minute he feels in a good place but always has the ace up his sleeve that he can withdraw from events especially with it being not as busy on tour at the moment.

Humphries said to Newbury Today: “I haven’t been practicing a lot because I have been going through a lot, so I didn’t really expect to get that win, but it was important.”

“I think the time off has helped my mental awareness of playing darts and I feel that I made the right decision.

“It was right for my mind and sometimes a little bit of time off can  help.”

“It was my second leg back,” he said. “I have missed about eight or nine since being on the PDC tour and I think it was the closest I have come.”

He said: “It’s not as busy as the start of the year, but if it comes to stage where I don’t feel great, I will pull out if I need to.

“However, I am hoping after the weekend’s win I won’t need to as I coped really well and I am in a really good place.”


Author: Samuel Gill