Luke Humphries has won a second title of the year as he claimed Development Tour 17 in Wigan.

On the way, ‘Cool Hand Luke’ defeated Mike de Decker, fellow high flyer George Killington & then Bradley Brooks in the final.
Killington getting to the latter stages has meant that he has basically confirmed his World Championship spot.
Ryan Meikle, Justin van Tergouw and Jeffrey de Zwaan all reached the latter stages as well.
Last Eight
Luke Humphries 5 | 2 Mike De Decker
George Killington 5 | 3 Ryan Meikle
Bradley Brooks 5 | 3 Justin van Tergouw
Jeffrey de Zwaan 5 | 0 Brian Raman
Last Four
Luke Humphries 5 | 2 George Killington
Bradley Brooks 5 | 3 Jeffrey de Zwaan
Luke Humphries 5 | 1 Bradley Brooks

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Author: Samuel Gill