Kim Huybrechts is aiming to return to the higher echelons of the rankings and return to the top 20 in particular.

Huybrechts is known for being a very explosive player on stage and isn’t afraid to show both his emotion and frustration at certain moments but this persona wasn’t best received especially in the Premier League.

“I received a lot of comment about that, both from fellow darters and from supporters. The older guard certainly had a hard time with that. It even went so far that I was completely ignored in the Premier League at the time, ”said Huybrechts in conversation with RTL7 Darts .

“I am someone who wants to be liked, so I took that criticism very seriously,” continues The Hurricane.

“If you are someone who can quickly put all that aside, it might be much easier. That is why I decided at that time to do much more on stage. However, that didn’t work either, I was no longer myself. Then some people gave me the advice to assert myself again and then I started exaggerating again with cheering.”

Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

Photo: Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts



Author: Samuel Gill