Lourence Ilagan has added to his tally of PDC Asian Tour events winning his second of the year and his sixth overall in the seventh event of the year in Taipei.

Ilagan defeated his World Cup of Darts teammate Noel Malicdem in the final hitting a 110 average and a magical nine dart finish along the way which was the second in history of the tour.

He saw off Attapol Eupakaree and Melvin Kent Pelona in the latter stages before defeating Malicdem 5-2 in the final. For Malicdem he had  a tougher route with victories over Paul Lim and Teng Lieh Pu Po before losing out to ‘The Gunner’.

The next event is on Sunday and Ilagan as well as Malicdem will be amongst the favourites in Taipei to claim the title.

Teng Lieh Pu Po (79.5) 5-4 (83.0) Paolo Nebrida
Noel Malicdem (97.3) 5-2 (92.9) Paul Lim
Melvin Kent Pelona (86.2) 5-1 (81.1) Keita Ono
Lourence Ilagan (92.5) 5-1 (84.2) Attapol Eupakaree

Noel Malicdem (108.5) 5-4 (92.5) Teng Lieh Pu Po
Lourence Ilagan (83.3) 5-3 (78.0) Melvin Kent Pelona

Lourence Ilagan (110.3) 5-2 (92.7) Noel Malicdem

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Author: Samuel Gill