Darts have always been an underrated sport. Often taken for granted as a pub game, darts do require a particular set of skills and talent. The good thing about darts is that it is relatively easy to play, and anyone can pick it up quickly.

The other thing about darts is that it is a highly bet-worthy sport, and there are different ways through which people can gamble. If you are a fan or just someone with interest in the game, here are a few examples of how you can enjoy darts and also bet on it.


The most natural place to start with darts is in your local pub. If you think you are good enough to beat the neighbors, then a few games over a pint or two aren’t bad to make some extra cash. Obviously, the money involved is going to be small, but at least you will be able to get a few rounds of beers from it in the end. Playing at the pub is also a great start to see how good you are, and to practice if you want to play darts on a professional level later.

Online Casinos

Theme-based games are the latest craze on online casinos at present, and there is literally something for everyone to play. There are a bunch of favourite online casino games that are classics, but for real sports fans, especially darts, there are options that capture the essence of the game. Darts Hero and Lucky Darts are but two of the most popular online slots that players love for their graphics and sounds. Moreover, the one major advantage of playing online slot darts is that you can enjoy it anytime you like, and don’t even need a dartboard for it.

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Sports Betting

The perception people have towards darts ranges from country to country. Some nations take darts seriously, whereas, in places like the US, darts is still very much a pub sport. Nevertheless, the fact remains that when it comes to betting on major competitions, punters are more than eager to participate. Bookmakers, especially in the UK release odds for all major dart competitions in the world, allowing fans to bet on the game. If you are planning to gamble on darts, do spend a little time doing research on the top players and also understanding the nuances of the game.


Now, it’s not always possible to watch or play darts, and neither can one gamble all day long. So, if you have knowledge about the game and can write well, then darts can be an excellent topic to explore.

As a niche sport, there are a limited number of people who write about darts. This gives you the advantage being among the few to share your knowledge about the game. From submitting articles to websites and newspapers to starting your own blog.


Author: Pieter