Mike De Decker managed to win a Tour Card at PDC European Q-School in early January. We checked in with ‘The Real Deal’ to see how his first months back on the Pro Tour went and what his ambitions are for the rest of the year.

“My first months on the Pro Tour were very good in terms of throwing. Almost all my games are around 100 on average, only the results have not been there yet. For example, I have already lost twice this year with an average of 102. Hopefully I will keep throwing like this and then the results will come ”, says De Decker in an exclusive conversation with DartsNews.com.

The 24-year-old Belgian has been a full-time pro since the start of the year and he admits he can already see the difference. “I’ve never had a steady job since my PDC debut in 2014. In addition to playing darts, I have occasionally worked a bit, but never full-time. I mainly feel progression because I spend more hours on the practice board than I did before.”

Coronavirus thoughts

The world of darts has not escaped the coronavirus pandemic, as all the remaining tournaments for March and April were recently cancelled. So what does De Decker think of the whole situation? “Gosh, I think the most important thing is everyone’s health. I just hope that nothing is cancelled and that it is simply rescheduled to a later date. ”

Finally, we asked for his ambitions for the rest of this year. “I started from scratch this year, so qualifying for the big tournaments like the World Matchplay and the like is going to be tough. The only thing that I am really looking forward to and that I really want to qualify for is the World Championship. I have not yet succeeded and it would be a very nice experience.”


Photo: PDC


Author: Samuel Gill