Chris Landman has emerged as one of the top names on the BDO circuit in recent years but recently took part in PDC Q-School.

Landman now has the ambition to join the PDC circuit full time having played in Hildesheim despite being unsuccessful in his pursuit of a Tour Card.

“That was a great experience. I actually had no intention of participating in it this year, but due to the uncertain situation at the BDO, I took the chance, ”said the Dutchman to .

“I have noticed that the level is higher and that makes sense, after all, there are almost only good players there. The first day I still did reasonably well, but the other days I was out too early to have any chance via the Q-School Order of Merit. However, it was an educational experience, now I also know how it works. ”

Landman also discussed the future of the BDO with Des Jacklin now having recently resigned. “I am not sorry that he left. He is probably a good businessman, but he did not do the BDO well,” said the Dutchman. “Even more so, when he was at the helm, the BDO only slipped further. He also does not listen to the players I experienced. He did his own thing while the players are the most important in darts, without them there is no darts! I do not know whether there is a future for the BDO, but I think it is going to end. But there may still be someone who will put things back in order. ”

In addition, the World Darts Federation announced a completely new ranking system with some major tournaments potentially on the horizon. “That is, of course, good news. This year I am going to play tournaments in both the BDO and WDF together with Richard Veenstra since they often take place in the same weekends. In addition, I also want to participate in the Challenge Tour in the PDC, although that will probably only be one weekend. I also want to take my chance at a few European Tour tournaments, especially if they can be reached by car. ”

Break from darts due to Coronavirus

Finally, Landman discussed how he is dealing with the temporary pause in the darts circuit due to the current Coronavirus pandemic.

“On the one hand, I like that there is no darts for a while, so I am home more often and I can do more things with the family. But it is now very extreme! There is no darts at all, no competition, no super league and not even darts on television. But I understand it, it is just different. The important thing now is to get rid of that coronavirus and then just be able to play darts and do everything else again.”

Evert Zomer

Photo: Evert Zomer

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Author: Samuel Gill