Paul Nicholson will head to PDC Q-School after a year off the tour with ‘The Asset’ set to head to Wigan among record entries with the picture very different to three years ago when he won his Tour Card back initially.

Nicholson recently took time out to speak to at the recent Winmau Michael van Gerwen launch fresh from covering the PDC World Championship for Talksport and for the former Players Championship Finals winner, he is going into it this time without putting pressure on himself.

“I was asked by the PDC in an interview very recently about what pressure I’m putting myself under and I don’t have any pressure on me at all because if I didn’t throw another dart in my career; I’d be very happy with what I’ve done. There’s a lot of younger darts fans who don’t understand that I actually did win some stuff, they just think I’m a guy who’s darts mad,” said Nicholson to

“But going forward what I want to do is have this Q-School very differently to the last one, 3 years ago it was about getting straight back on tour and I bossed the whole thing. This time my preparation aren’t exactly what I want because I’ve been working so hard in the media so I’ve decided to take all the pressure off my shoulders; go there, have a crack and whatever happens, we’ll make plans post that.”

“I’m going to go and enjoy this and let everyone else have the pressure. That’s my preparation for that.”

Changing Nationality

Through an interview done with the PDC, it was revealed that ‘The Asset’ who is a previous finalist in the World Cup of Darts with Australia would be changing nationality when he returns to the tour and he explained that it was all about renewing his passport.

As well that it is up to the likes of Simon Whitlock, Damon Heta and Kyle Anderson now to take the country forward.

“Well everything seemed to line-up and I had to make the decision. I had to renew my passport which isn’t cheap of course. Did I need that passport to travel round the world? No.

Then I started thinking about was I getting the recognition I deserve for what I’ve done for Australian darts because yes I came into the PDC before Simon Whitlock did, I just thought when people think about Australian Darts they think about Kyle (Anderson), Simon (Whitlock), Damon (Heta) now.

Simon’s the figurehead of course but do I get the credit for what I’ve done for Australian darts; absolutely not. I think after speaking to many people in the past few seasons when I’ve not been figuring in the World Cup, that there will be a time when I’ll just step down. They’re the Dinkum Aussie’s that people really believe are Australian so it’s up to those guys to do that.”

World Championship

At the Winmau launch, like alluded to Nicholson was fresh off a stint with Talksport covering the PDC World Championship; he reflected on Peter Wright’s stellar display and said it truly encapsulated the emotion of sport.

“I think it was just an amazing performance from Peter (Wright), I put it down to a lifetime performance from Peter and he has played better. We know that he has had those 120 plus averages and 119 and a half at the Premier League,” said Nicholson.

“But for me it was the composure he showed not just in the final but in the semi-final when things could have got really sticky and it just goes to show how strong he is mentally and at the end when he got the trophy and seeing the tears coming out of his eyes just goes to show how much sports people bottle up their emotions until their allowed to let it out.”

Success stories

Through watching the hours of darts which took place at the Alexandra Palace, the former Quarter-Finalist in the event picked out his success stories over the course of the tournament.

“They’re going to dominate the headlines of course. But I’m very buoyant of the opportunity for Luke Humphries going forward. I think he looked a lot more prepared. We know about his anxiety problems after last year’s Quarter-Finals but he looked a lot like himself when he came off the stage.”

“I don’t think we should read too much into the lack of big runs for someone like Dave Chisnall. Dave did not play poorly against Jeffrey de Zwaan who probably played the game of the tournament for me. I want more consistency from De Zwaan, I think everybody does because if you get consistency from him, you will get a World Champion.”

Premier League

Also announced on New Years Day was the small matter of the Premier League and Nicholson finally gave his thoughts on that and said that while he believes Dave Chisnall is unlucky not to be in, they needed to strike while the iron was hot with Glen Durrant, who will make his debut in the competition.

“I think Dave (Chisnall) is unlucky not to be in but every season there is a tough call to be made and Glen (Durrant) was pretty much in when he beat Chris Dobey for me. You get a very small window with someone of his age with his CV, obviously having three Lakeside’s in the bank. If they didn’t use him now there would be an argument to say that they never would so I think they had to use them now,” added Nicholson.

Kelly Deckers/PDC Europe

Photo: Kelly Deckers/PDC Europe

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Author: Samuel Gill