Paul Lim had an interview recently with, but because Paul Lim has a lot of English fans as well, we decided to publish the interview in English on this page. Sit back, and enjoy the answers from ‘The Singapore Slinger’.
How are you looking at the globalisation process from the PDC in Asia? Do you see all the effort is paying off?
It took quite a few attempt throughout the years by PDC to globalize Asia. I felt that from this recent Shanghai Masters 2017, it has taken a giant step of recognition throughout Asia and the hype of Asian Players wanting to be a part of PDC as a whole. Obviously, the constant TV coverage on Fox Sports, and the streaming of Youtube has a big contribution to the added success. So, I truly believed, it is paying off and the time has come to go to the next level.
What can you tell us about the biggest talents in Asia at the moment? Which players could earn a PDC Tour Card (in the future)?
There are good talents in Asia. The saddest part with this is having the chance of constant participation in Big playing environment, TV spotlight, big stage and big audience. As we know, experience and knowledge is the biggest obstacle of such events. There are quite a few I could mention with such talent… Haruki Muramatsu, Royden Lam, Scott Mackenzie, FB Leung, Joe Ng, Harith Lim, Lourence Illagan, myself and many more.
Only a few had tried for the tour card as most of us have jobs to support a family. Royden Lam is the only one that has accomplished the goal of getting the tour card, twice actually, but still cannot travel constantly to participate in the PDC tour due to personal reasons. I hope to see more tries from Asian players and I believe there will be in the near future.

You had a fantastic weekend in Germany recently. How are you looking back at the World Cup of Darts?
Yes, the weekend of World Cup Darts in Frankfurt will be something that I would put side by side with my memory of my and the 1st televised perfect 9 darts game in The Embassy world Championship at Lakeside 1990. Although Singapore only got to the quarter final, losing to Belgium, it was a great run and felt we had every chance to do well. Beating Scotland was like a dream come true, but in our heart, we know we have a chance being in the first round and a short format of doubles play. I wished all matches should be about Team play as a pair, then more Singles play. Just my opinion, because in most sports, a doubles always play together as a team.
You and Harith Lim beat Scotland in the first round. What was the impact of that game in Singapore? Was it mentioned in the daily journals/newspapers or is darts not that big yet in Singapore?
Beating Scotland… The news travel fast and suddenly there was this great interest in the subject of darts. All media was calling us for interview. It seems to get into a frenzy. Facebook friends was flooding the pages with congrats and hype with the results. There were so much talk about darts and what we did. Great feeling…
Was the game against Kim Huybrechts (122 average), where you hit 100.4 average yourself, the best game you were ever involved in, or did you ever play a higher quality game?
In a short format of best of 5 legs, I have done better. As I have mentioned, I know I am capable of maintaining a high average and have done so in the past, but with the big stage only once or twice a year isn’t enough to get that comfort zone in place. I believe for me it is about more involvement and then all is secondary. Capability, I know I am.
One of the highlights of your career must have been the nine-dart finish at the Lakeside. Are you surprised that you are still the only player to have hit a perfect leg at the Lakeside?
Funny enough I have always said. In the Embassy World Championship, no one will ever break that record, as there’s no more Embassy World Championship. As for Lakeside, I am really surprised that my record still stand.. I believe it’s a matter of time as the standard of play worldwide is definitely so much higher. We will see… But I hope my record will stand forever, haha.
Every year you got a few appearances on the PDC Tour(World Cup, World Series, World Championship). Do you think you could still compete on the PDC Tour (incl Euro and Pro Tour)? And do you have the ambition to go for a PDC Tour Card?
I definitely have the desire to do so. But my job doesn’t really allow me much freedom. I am involved more with the soft tip part of the world since 1998. Working with soft tip manufacturing company. Actually working and holding a position to expand soft tip Worldwide. I remember with the company Medalist, we were the first to introduce our product and the game into Japan and with constant promotions and building of the market, look at Japan now…Huge soft tip country and Asia too. Right now, for the last 8 years, I am a consultant for DARTSLIVE, a sub of the Sega Sammy group Japan. I am still working with them and so, to commit to just playing the PDC tour isn’t possible from my part of the World, Asia. Maybe someday… and better be soon as time is running out haha, I am not young anymore.
How long, do you expect, you will play as a darts professional (soft and steel tip)? Do you have set a age limit or are you going to play as long as you are able to?
Many people have asked , When am I retiring?? I never ever thought of that. All I know , my passion for darts and my desire for winning is still there. I love to teach, the younger generation, anyone that wants to learn because I believe darts is a great game. I love to compete and I know I am still good and always wanting to get better. So, as far as I am concern, I will play till I can’t play no more. I just simply LOVE this game… It has given me a lot . And I want to give it back by sharing and teaching.

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