Thibault Tricole will make his debut at the BDO World Championship on Saturday evening as he takes on experienced Scot, Ross Montgomery in the preliminary round.

Tricole is the first Frenchman on either code to qualify for a World Championship and he admits it has always been a dream for him to do so.

“I have been following darts on television since I was little and I always wanted to play in a World Championship. The fact my dream is now becoming a reality is simply fantastic”, says Tricole in an interview with . “I still find it hard to believe that I am the first Frenchman to have qualified for a World Championship. There are so many good players in France. “

The 30-year old Frenchman is set to take on Ross Montgomery in the preliminary round. “That is going to be a difficult competition for me, since Ross has much more experience. However, I have nothing to lose and who knows what is possible. “

Potential move to PDC?

The conversation naturally comes up about Q-School and a potential switch to the PDC and the Frenchman admitted that while his Q-School entry is in, he isn’t expecting much and is going just in case it does all come together on one day.

“If I can choose between sitting at a desk every day or being able to turn my passion into my profession, the choice is naturally made quickly. However, I do not yet feel completely ready for the PDC, my level still needs to be raised a little. “

”I have nevertheless have registered for Q-School, since you never know that it all will coincide in one day. In addition, I also follow both the BDO and WDF with great interest. ”

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Author: Samuel Gill