The World Championship came to an end before the Christmas break for Vincent van der Voort.

Despite a fine first round victory over Keane Barry, the Dutchman never felt comfortable at the Alexandra Palace. Van der Voort said after his first round match that he suffered from flu and that his “head was full of snot”. He was also affected by a knee injury. Three days later, the Dutchman – still suffering from the same complaints – lost 3-1 to Dave Chisnall in the second round.

Looking back on his World Championship defeat, Van der Voort pointed the finger of blame squarely at himself. In an extensive interview, The Dutch Destroyer was critical of his own preparation for the most important tournament of the season.

”The preparation was just really bad, everything together wasn’t right. Then you cannot expect that you will suddenly be playing fantastic at the World Championship. I can only blame myself for that. So that has been a lesson I have learned for next year.”

Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

Photo: Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

A day after his defeat, Van der Voort visited the hospital. An initial investigation revealed some damage to his afflicted knee. A follow-up appointment is planned in an attempt to find out the exact cause of the injury.

“My knee is completely good in itself. My knee straps are inflamed and this Tuesday I have an MRI scan and then they will see exactly what is going on. Resting makes it a whole lot better, so I don’t have that many problems anymore.”

While dealing with his knee issues, a long-term back injury worsened. ”You also get things because you neglected things. When my back felt well, I became a bit lax. Instead of doing exercises twice a day, it only happened once a day. Then things like that come back. That should not happen and I can only blame myself.”

”I have to pick up those exercises and do them every day. Then the back will be fine again.”

Will these injuries disrupt his preparation for the new season? “It’s not that bad. I do throw every day, but not as much as I would like. I have to deal with the injuries first, then the rest will come.”

Switch to Winmau

It was recently announced that Van der Voort, along with Michael van Gerwen, switched to a new darts manufacturer. The Dutch pair left XQ Max, and signed terms with Winmau.

“The old contract expired. Michael and I went to see what everyone had to offer. We ended up with Winmau. They had a great deal for us”, the fast-flinging Dutchman said about the darting transfer.

Due to the switch to a new darts manufacturer, Van der Voort will throw with a new set of darts next season. These darts look considerably different than his old set of arrows.

“There is certainly a difference. I have been involved in the development of the new darts and I am very happy with what it has become. You first determine the grip and weight. Then you look at how the arrows fly and how they stand in the board. You try to optimise that, and we are now fine-tuning that.”

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