Vincent van der Voort recently implored PDC Chairman Barry Hearn to focus more on ranked events, rather than invitational tournaments.

The Dutch Destroyer has gone a step further, detailing his proposed adjustment to the darting calendar in a interview. Van der Voort believes that the format currently in use for the Masters could easily be adapted to make the tournament a ranking event.
Currently, only the world’s top 16 are invited to the season-opening event in Milton Keynes. As a result, prize money does not count towards Order of Merit totals.
“It would be an idea to set up a ranking tournament with the 32 best players from the previous season,” Van der Voort suggested.
“(The proposed tournament) would be instead of the Masters, because it’s not a ranking tournament. With this new format, players are rewarded for their results based on a one-year Order of Merit.”
The two-time PDC World Championship quarter-finalist had issued a scathing critique of the new tournaments being added to the calendar.
He said: “All the tournaments being introduced now are invitational events. Then it becomes more entertainment than sport. The ultimate question for Barry Hearn is: do you think darts is more a sport or entertainment?”

Kelly Deckers/PDC Europe

Photo: Kelly Deckers/PDC Europe

Ryder Cup

Van der Voort also had some stern words for compatriot Raymond van Barneveld. The five-time world champion recently announced his plans to retire at the end of 2019. However, Barney does not intend to disappear from the darts scene, and had suggested setting up a tournament akin to golf’s Ryder Cup.
“Not a good idea,” Van der Voort surmised.
“Raymond is always complaining that he only wins tournaments without ranking prize money. With a darting equivalent of the Ryder Cup, you get another tournament without prize money for the PDC Order of Merit.”
He added: “The calendar is already full. But there is a number of events that could easily be removed. The World Series of Darts Finals could be swapped for a ranking event, the Masters can be changed into a ranking tournament as well.”
“Everyone has their own opinion about this, and this is mine.”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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