James Wilson had a brilliant rise up the rankings but since then injuries including one to his eye have hampered his progress.

Wilson spoke to DartsNews recently during the break from darts due to Coronavirus; he admitted that this came at the wrong time for him as he was just starting to make progress again.

In addition, he reflected on his World Championship defeat to Nico Kurz; he said that for him, he was just pleased to make it to the Alexandra Palace after his injuries.

“Was just getting back in to the swing of things after my injuries last year when this virus broke out so not had much of a chance yet to compete and get back to my best,” said Wilson to DartsNews.com.

“Of course it was disappointing to lose first round; but I was thankful I made it to the worlds, due to my eye and shoulder injury I lost a lot of games last season and dropped down the rankings so it was touch and go if I made the worlds or not.”

Known as the ‘Jammy Dodger’, he went into more detail about it and what he has gone through in the past year.

“My eye injury has definitely hampered my game for the last couple of years, I had to battle long and hard with the doctors before they sent a referral to get it looked at; then various tests before I got a diagnosis then more waiting for treatment.”

“All the while this was costing me dearly at every tournament; once the treatment finally started and I had a couple lots of injections I was just starting to find form again when I injured my shoulder; this again was a huge set back and I eventually had to pull out of some crucial tournaments that would make or break me getting in to the worlds, thankfully I just scraped in.”

Effects of Coronavirus

Coronavirus is affecting people in many different ways and for Wilson now, he even tried gaining an alternative income before his wife stopped him from doing so.

“I’m still getting a few hours practice in every day just to keep my arm going and keep my focus.

This virus is affecting everyone as some pros are solely reliant on darts and have no alternative job, I have done some roofing jobs since the darts got postponed; but I’m now under strict orders from the wife to stay at home for the foreseeable; mentally I’m still coping with these new changes but I think there will be a point when we all start to get cabin fever.”

Goals when darts returns

Wilson finally spoke about the potential for multiple tournaments and also his goals when action does return after the Coronavirus break.

“I will just enjoy getting back on the board, if there has to be multiple tournaments to catch up then I’m fine with that; the main thing is that we all make it out of the other side in one piece.

I think my goals for this year will be to try and make it back in to the top 32 and make the worlds. Enjoying spending some time at home with my family and reluctantly doing DIY jobs round the house if the wife can get me off the PS4.”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC


Author: Samuel Gill