Yordi Meeuwisse is back on the PDC Pro Tour after slogging it out for a year on the Challenge Tour in 2018.

The Dutchman had a Tour Card in 2016 and 2017, but was unable to secure a permanent spot in the world’s top 64 during this period. Meeuwisse was forced to go back to Q School in 2018 to try to win his Tour Card back.
He failed in that mission, and as a result, spent 2018 competing on the Challenge Tour. In January this year the Poeldijk native claimed one of the European Tour Cards, giving him another two years to reach the top 64 on the PDC Order of Merit.
His Q School success was a huge relief for him, Meeuwisse told Dartsnews. ”It was fantastic [to win my Tour Card back]. You want a Tour Card when you play in the PDC and that’s sorted now.”

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‘From the big boys to a lower division’

It was a difficult season for Meeuwisse last year, especially the mental aspect. ”In the beginning it was difficult to put my focus on the Challenge Tour. I played with the big boys before and then you are going to play in a lower division”, the 31-year-old said about the period without his Tour Card.
The Challenge Tour is also physically demanding. On the PDC’s secondary tour, players have to compete in two events a day on the Challenge Tour. ”The Challenge Tour is heavier than the Pro Tour. I was in the venue at 8:30 am very often. Once I reached a quarter-final during the second event of the day, I had to play that match at half past nine in the evening. So that was very long day.”
Meeuwisse earned £5000 so far on the PDC Tour this year. Comparing to his first Tour Card period in 2016, the Dutchman earned £2500 in his first ten weeks. He has improved in terms of prize money, but does that also apply to his level?
”My form is good, I feel I’m playing better than three years ago. I also do a lot more for it now, especially in terms of practicing. The Challenge Tour has been good for me in that respect. It helped me to focus more on the darts and to keep going with achieving my goals.”

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Photo: Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

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