Tahuna Irwin is set for his World Series debut next month in Auckland after he came through the first qualifier in Invercargill.

Irwin has come close before but to the World Championship instead of the World Series. He lost out to Bernie Smith in the Oceanic Masters last year with Smith going forward from that final.

He defeated Lucas Busby, Craig Ross and finally the experienced Warren French in qualification and will join the likes of Cody Harris and Kyle Anderson in the line up in Auckland.

Auckland Darts Masters
Qualifier One
Warren French 4-1 Koha Kokiri
Mark Webster 4-1 Darren Herewini
Tahuna Irwin 4-1 Lucas Busby
Craig Ross 4-2 John Hurring

Warren French 5-2 Mark Webster
Tahuna Irwin 5-2 Craig Ross

Tahuna Irwin 6-3 Warren French

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Author: Samuel Gill