Des Jacklin spoke in a recent interview with BBC Radio Lincolnshire as well as the BDO World Trophy about the problems which have plagued his reign as BDO Chairman so far.

Jacklin admitted that his hands are tied on certain contracts which prevent him from making certain contracts; with potential sponsors which hinders the BDO.

He added that it was the past regime that made this a problem and that he can’t get out of the position. Despite that though he sees it as his problem; as it was a job he took knowing the problems.

“I don’t think I regret becoming the Chairman because I like the job and I like that I can make a difference,” he said to BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

“But my hands are tied on a lot of things.

“There are contracts in place that prevent me from speaking to certain companies on certain levels, including potential sponsors.

“Unfortunately, the people who ran the BDO before me got us into this position and I can’t get us out.

“It’s just not working well at the minute but we are working to try and improve it and that’s as much as I can say,” he added.

“It’s nobody else’s issue, it’s my problem.

“It’s a job that I took on with my eyes open.”

“Unfortunately, what I didn’t realise was, there has been decisions made a year, two, even three years ago, that are affecting the BDO as an organisation now.”

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Author: Samuel Gill