James Wade has been the target of social media ridicule for a while. Now Twitter trolls have made it even more personal.

The PDC star opened his Premier League campaign with a 7-4 win over Raymond van Barneveld on Thursday night. It marks a triumph for the Andover ace after a drop in form last year. The left-hander hit headlines at the World Series Finals and European Championships for securing a momentous double title triumph, but then grabbed attention at the PDC World Championship for all the wrong reasons. His outbursts against Seigo Asada attracted widespread derision, with Wade labelled a “bully” in some corners.
The Machine has revealed that he has been the victim of some bullying himself. A Twitter account has been opened in the name of his infant son Arthur, causing upset with both Wade and his wife, Sammi Marsh-Wade. A tweet by Marsh-Wade asking for the account to be shut down fell on deaf ears.

“The unfortunate thing is that I’ve got people opening up Twitter accounts in his name, saying not very nice things, and he is going to get caught up in all this stuff if it doesn’t die down,” Wade told the Daily Mirror.
“It’s pretty sad that someone wants to impersonate a three-month-old baby. My wife asked in a really nice way if they would take it down. They sent back a personal message saying thanks, but no thanks. They see it as if they are not doing anything wrong. But it will take something really nasty before it gets out of hand and it is taken down.
“The words they used suggest they are a little bit educated. They are not stupid people.
“If I was a Premier League footballer or a member of the Royal family , it would have been taken down by now.”


Photo: Photosport/PDC

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Author: Ed McCosh