The line-up for the Last 32 has been confirmed at the 2019 World Masters with experienced players as well as some inexperienced taking for the TV stage.

Big names through include Jeff Smith who has come all the way from Canada and he has made the most of it. The former Lakeside finalist will take on eighth seed Ryan Hogarth.

Dave Parletti will take on Neil Duff, while Scott Waites will face off against Nick Fullwell in a potentially really tough tie.

Richard Veenstra and Paul Hogan are both also still involved in Essex; as is Benjamin Pretnamer who will make his PDC World Championship debut later this year.

Last 32

Graham Usher v Stig Jarle Knudsen
Gareth Chambers v Simon Stainton
Mario Vandenbogaerde (9) v Eirig Rowlands
Jeff Smith v Ryan Hogarth (8)
Willem Mandigers (5) v Marty Moreland
Justin Hood v John O’Shea
Gary Stone (13) v John Mann
Neil Duff v Dave Parletti (4)
Dave Copley v Ciaran Teehan
Paul Harvey v Roemer Mooijman
Keith Geraghty v Thibault Tricole
Michael Warburton v Scott Mitchell (6)
Joe Davis v Paul Hogan
Nick Fullwell – Scott Waites (10)
Carl Hamilton v Benjamin Pratnemer
Craig Owens v Richard Veenstra (2)

Evert Zomer

Photo: Evert Zomer


Author: Samuel Gill