Jeff Smith from Canada won the WDF World Cup men’s final by beating Raymond Smith from Australia with 7-5. His average was 92.03 and the average of Raymond Smith was 88.70.
Jeff Smith started with a bye this tournament, then beat Cody Harris, Thibault Tricole, Patrick Susanna, Chris Landman, Willem Mandigers and in the final he was too strong for Raymond Smith.
The Ladies Finals was won by Vicky Pruim (Sweden) who beat Sharon Prins (Netherlands) with 7-6. Gold digger (4 gold in this WDF World Cup) Justin van Tergouw won also the boys singles.
Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts
Results of all finals:
USA v Australia 3-9 80.91-87.35 Mens Team
Sweden v Netherlands 6-9 58.99-64.72 Women Team
Raymond Smith v Jeff Smith 5-7 88.70-92.03 Mens Singles
Sharon Prins v Vicky Pruim 6-7 72.58-75.05 Women Singles
Wessel Nijman v Justin van Tergouw 3-6 85.77-91.34 Boys Singles
Deniz Hashtbaran v Katie Sheldon 6-4 65.19-61.22 Girls Singles
B.Koltsov/A.Oreshkin v J.Smith/K.Edmunds 6-3 85.69-86.20 Mens Pairs
Justin van Tergouw/Layla Brussel v Wessel Nijman/Lerena Rietbergen 6-4 72.69-74.86 Mixed Pairs
Anastasia Dobromyslova/Marina Kononova v Robyn Byrne/Caroline Breen 6-1 69.34-65.01 Women Pairs
Wessel Nijman/Justin van Tergouw v Keane Barry/Killian Heffernan 6-1 98.16-85.28 Boys Pairs
Deniz Hashtbaran/Mahshad Avazzadeh v Lerena Rietbergen/Layla Brussel 6-5 62.02-57.92 Girls Pairs


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