Prakash Jiwa added his name to the list of complainants after a storm-addled UK Open.

Conditions in Minehead were far from ideal during a bizarre weekend. Storm Emma curtailed the hopes of ten hopefuls who were unable to make it to Devon. Hosts Butlin’s then opted to shut the fans out of the event. The cold in the venue affected the play significantly. Mark Walsh wore a hoodie for his first round game, while Micky Mansell was spotted wearing a beanie hat. Jiwa, who lost in the first round, took to Facebook to register his displeasure.

“Well just got back from the UK Open in Minehead and what a relief!…I’ve been playing darts for over 30 years now and never ever had i ever played in such worse (sic) conditions,” said the Indian ace.

“It was so cold that even the penguins went into hibernation!”

The Warwickshire-based thrower fell at the first hurdle, losing 6-5 against Jason Mold.

“It was my own fault as i missed seven match darts to win the match,” said Jiwa.

The Apache added: “PS…if you ever hear that there is a Red Alert weather warning…trust me, never leave the house, as nearly died trying to get to Minehead in these conditions and will not be doing that again ever!”

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Author: Edward McCosh