John O’Shea completed a remarkable run at the BDO World Masters claiming the title with victory over Scott Waites 6-4 in the final.

Waites came into the final as the favourite and a former champion in the tournament but was soon on the back foot with O’Shea taking a 2-0 lead but despite that he returned to the foray quite quickly making it 2-2.

O’Shea though was not going to let his chance slip away and made it 3-2 and he continued to build from there. Waites had chances to make it a deciding set but couldn’t punish and ‘The Joker’ threw a 16 darter to claim victory in the tenth set.

In terms of the Ladies, it was once again Lisa Ashton who added to her growing collection of titles but she had to produce a comeback to defeat Anastasia Dobromyslova. ‘The Lancashire Rose’ was 4-2 behind but turned it around to win 5-4 and claim the title once again.

Sunday October 27
Afternoon session

Lisa Ashton (79.59) 5-1 (72.11) Kasumi Sato
Anastasia Dobromyslova (80.09) 5-1 (68.43) Lorraine Winstanley
Graham Usher (86.74) 2-4 (90.82) Mario Vandenbogaerde
John O’Shea (84.17) 4-1 ( 86.00) Neil Duff
Ciaran Teehan (77.39) 2-4 (79.16) Michael Warburton
Scott Waites (90.12) 4-0 (77.70) Carl Hamilton

Evening session

Men’s Semi-Finals
Mario Vandenbogaerde (90.04) 1-5 (91.55) John O’Shea
Michael Warburton (81.96) 1-5 (91.28) Scott Waites

Women’s final
Lisa Ashton (85.50) 5-4 (82.76) Anastasia Dobromyslova

Men’s final
John O’Shea (88.89) 6-4 (86.24) Scott Waites

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Author: Samuel Gill