Justin van Tergouw put in a stunning performance in yesterday’s afternoon session at the Lakeside World Championships to win the World Youth title for the second year running.

Justin van Tergouw defeated Killian Heffernan by 3 sets to 1 including some stunning checkouts such as a 170 to win him a share of the highest checkout bonus. As well as a brilliant 132 to win the match.

Van Tergouw spoke after the game to Mackenzie Cadman. About winning the trophy for a second time and it being his final time with the Dutch prospect playing men’s tournaments after some physio and treatment. He still averaged 92 in a high quality final.

The TV schedule for Lakeside can be found here. Click here for more information about the Lakeside 2018 prize fund. View the tournament bracket here.

Watch the full interview below :

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Author: Samuel Gill