Nick Kenny and Beau Greaves claimed titles in the BDO Bruges Open to end the double header in Belgium.

Kenny defeated Jason Heaver in the final in a deciding set where he won 3-2. En route to the final, the Welshman beat Danny van Klompenburg, Aaron Turner, Francois Schweyen and Patrick Plotz, among others.

15-year old Greaves beat Fallon Sherrock 2-0 in sets. En route she recorded a victory over Aileen de Graaf as well 5-0.

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Patrick Plotz 5-4 Mario Vandenbogaerde
Nick Kenny 5-3 Francois Schweyen
Andrew Beeton 5-2 Martin Kersbeeck
Jason Heaver 5-2 Jitse van der Wal

Semi finals
Nick Kenny 2-0 Patrick Plotz
Jason Heaver 2-0 Andrew Beeton

Nick Kenny 3-2 Jason Heaver


Aileen de Graaf 4-3 Kirsty Hutchinson
Beau Greaves 4-3 Paula Jacklin
Deta Hedman 4-3 Sharon Prince
Fallon Sherrock 4-1 Corrine Hammond

Beau Greaves 5-0 Aileen de Graaf
Fallon Sherrock 5-0 Deta Hedman

Beau Greaves 2-0 Fallon Sherrock

Evert Zomer

Photo: Evert Zomer

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Author: Samuel Gill