Des Jacklin is leading the BDO for nearly twelve months, but despite two signed deals only a few people seem to be charmed by his performances.

Jacklin’s first major action was lifting the sanctions against BDO players who want to make the switch to the PDC. The British Darts Organisation then secured a three-year deal with Eurosport for broadcasting the three majors (World Championship, World Masters and World Trophy).

Afterwards the board remained silent for a long time. The future of the BDO World Trophy (August 30 – September 1) was uncertain for a long time, while Jacklin enjoyed several holidays in the meantime. The BDO foreman was particularly noticeable in promoting a tournament in Cyprus, an event where personal interests play a role for him.

BDO Chairman Des Jacklin. Photo: BDO Darts

Jacklin is not suitable

Martijn Kleermaker, currently one of the top 10 players on the BDO ranking, is unhappy about Jacklin’s achievements, according to a couple of responses on Facebook.

‘That man is simply not suitable for his position. He doesn’t keep me satisfied. I would like to have had some clarity about the World Trophy’, the Dutchman said on Monday.

Coincidentally, the British Darts Organisation came up with a definitive answer about the World Trophy on the same day. ‘Maybe he should have arranged this a little earlier. He can promote that tournament in Cyprus very well… As long as his wallet is involved. He is some ‘pipo’ (loosely translated: clown).’

Evert Zomer

Photo: Evert Zomer

Meanwhile Jacklin has apologized for the fact that it took so long before information about the BDO World Trophy was available. ”I’d like to say I’m really sorry for how long things are taking, nothing can alter that but at least this is an event that I can put In a draw and leave for 18 months while I concentrate on the the next event.”

”The next announcement will hopefully be another 3 year deal and so on, I assure you all every effort is going into making our organisation as great as it can be, thanks to everyone that’s helps behind the scenes and thank you all for your understanding and continued support.”

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Author: Pieter