Boris Koltsov currently leads proceedings in the penultimate day of Icons of Darts League Phase Two action for the second week after four straight victories.

Koltsov has claimed victories over Diogo Portela (4-2), James Hubbard (4-1), Keelan Kay (4-2) and Fallon Sherrock (4-1) as the Russian ace has only ties against Martin Adams and his nearest rival Justin Smith to go.

Smith claimed the first two group victories of Pool A with two brilliant series which have seen him achieve five wins and one defeat on both days and he still could claim a third having only played two games so far.

This has seen him defeat Diogo Portela (4-2) and Keelan Kay (4-2) but of course a pivotal tie could be against Koltsov as it will ultimately decide the group in the latter’s favour if he wins even at this early stage of the day.

James Hubbard (3rd) and Diogo Portela (6th) and Keelan Kay (7th) are the only players to play four or more games. So Fallon Sherrock and Martin Adams in particular who have only played a few games still have a chance to mount a charge.

MODUS Icons of Darts League Phase Two (Week Two) Schedule
Friday 15 May (10:30am-5:30pm)

Diogo Portela (85.52) 2-4 (95.93) Boris Koltsov
James Hubbard (82.30) 4-1 (80.79) Keelan Kay
Keelan Kay (77.48) 3-4 (85.70) Diogo Portela
Boris Koltsov (99.93) 4-1 (83.79) James Hubbard
James Hubbard (87.13) 4-0 (81.91) Diogo Portela
Keelan Kay (84.63) 2-4 (83.54) Boris Koltsov
Diogo Portela (86.63) 2-4 (89.70) Justin Smith
Boris Koltsov (98.68) 4-1 (86.49) Fallon Sherrock
Martin Adams (93.20) 4-3 (89.80) James Hubbard
Justin Smith (89.97) 4-2 (90.33) Keelan Kay
Fallon Sherrock (99.81) 4-1 (86.63) Diogo Portela
Boris Koltsov v Martin Adams
James Hubbard v Justin Smith
Keelan Kay v Fallon Sherrock
Diogo Portela v Martin Adams
Justin Smith v Boris Koltsov
Fallon Sherrock v James Hubbard
Martin Adams v Keelan Kay
Justin Smith v Fallon Sherrock
Martin Adams v Justin Smith
Fallon Sherrock v Martin Adams

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Author: Samuel Gill