Boris Koltsov has continued his form from last week’s Icons of Darts League claiming his tenth consecutive win to currently top the standings at the halfway point of Day One on the third week.

Koltsov finished top in the penultimate group of the week last time out with six consecutive wins and has four already today.

The Russian has seen off Jose Justicia (4-0), Ritchie Edhouse (4-3), Scott Marsh (4-3) and Mike Warburton (4-2) as he aims for two clean sweeps in a row.

Ritchie Edhouse is currently his nearest challenger with ‘Madhouse’ who is returning to the league this week currently on three wins and one defeat.

Scott Marsh on his debut probably came closest to stopping the dominance of Boris Koltsov and sit fourth in the standings after hitting a 170 finish and a 104 average but he was still defeated 4-3.

Jose Justicia is the only other player on four wins currently in fifth on leg difference behind Marsh while Mike Warburton and Fallon Sherrock have only played one game each both ending in defeats.

MODUS Icons of Darts League Phase Two (Week Three) Schedule
Monday 18 May (10:30 am-5:30 pm)

Jose Justicia (66.52) 0-4 (84.68) Boris Koltsov
Ritchie Edhouse (93.64) 4-1 (83.96) Scott Marsh
Scott Marsh (90.49) 4-3 (90.54) Jose Justicia
Boris Koltsov (91.25) 4-3 (94.29) Ritchie Edhouse
Ritchie Edhouse (95.35) 4-2 (85.98) Jose Justicia
Scott Marsh (103.93) 3-4 (95.59) Boris Koltsov
Jose Justicia (86.68) 4-3 (84.33) Jarred Cole
Boris Koltsov (91.83) 4-2 (84.56) Michael Warburton
Fallon Sherrock (88.68) 1-4 (91.48) Ritchie Edhouse
Jarred Cole (85.35) 4-3 (80.66) Scott Marsh
Michael Warburton v Jose Justicia
Boris Koltsov v Fallon Sherrock
Ritchie Edhouse v Jarred Cole
Scott Marsh v Michael Warburton
Jose Justicia v Fallon Sherrock
Jarred Cole v Boris Koltsov
Michael Warburton v Ritchie Edhouse
Fallon Sherrock v Scott Marsh
Jarred Cole v Michael Warburton
Fallon Sherrock v Jarred Cole
Michael Warburton v Fallon Sherrock

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Author: Samuel Gill