Nico Kurz produced some brilliant displays at PDC World Championship at the Alexandra Palace this past Christmas and will be back there after winning the German Super League but one of his finest performances came long that against Gary Anderson.

At the 2019 German Darts Masters, Kurz defeated the two-time World Champion and he spoke about how that gave him the confidence to go onto defeat Joe Cullen and James Wilson on the biggest darting stage.

“Beating Gary Anderson was obviously one of the greatest moments of my career so far,” Kurz continued.

“To beat a player like that in front of 10,000 fans was the best possible preparation for Ally Pally and it set me up for playing there.

“Being around players like Max [Hopp], Gaga [Gabriel Clemens] and Robbie [Robert Marijanovic] has made the start to my darts career really enjoyable, they are great examples to follow.

He also believes that the future is very much bright for German darts and that it is the question of consistency more than anything.

“I definitely believe that there will be a German World Champion one day. German players have shown they can challenge the top ten players in the world on occasions, though not regularly or consistently enough so far.”

“If some of us can find consistency then it’s well possible for there to be a German World Champion, we’ve definitely got enough talent in German darts so I think it will happen one day.

“Every player loves being supported and the German fans always support German players. I enjoy their support very much and it’s certainly not a disadvantage.”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC


Author: Samuel Gill