Nico Kurz is set for a debut at the PDC World Championship later this year after coming through in the German Superleague qualifier.

Held over this past weekend, it was the culmination of the season; it saw the best players based on their Order of Merit compete.

The young German came out on top; defeating the likes of Manfred Bilderl 8-7, Maik Langendorf 9-6 and then finally Martin Schindler 10-6.

This means that Schindler will likely have to head to the PDPA Qualifier in a few weeks time to get into the field for the Alexandra Palace.

Kurz on the other hand having showed promise in previous editions of the German Darts Masters will aim to transfer that to an even bigger stage next month.

German Superleague World Championship Qualifier

Nico Kurz 8-7 Manfred Bilderl
Maik Langendorf 8-6 Robert Marijanovic
Martin Schindler 8-7 Thomas Kohnlein
Christian Bunse 8-4 Dragutin Horvat

Nico Kurz 9-6 Maik Langendorf
Martin Schindler 9-5 Christian Bunse

Nico Kurz 10-6 Martin Schindler

Kais Bodensieck/PDC Europe

Photo: Kais Bodensieck/PDC Europe

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Author: Samuel Gill