The fourth of five matchdays in the German Super League took place last weekend in Darmstadt. Nico Kurz took over the lead from Gabriel Clemens after a successful weekend.

Clemens had dominated the German Super League so far, but this time he only won six out of fifteen games. Kurz took profit of that and claimed the top position with twelve wins. The 22-year-old has now 45 points in the standings, while Clemens has 41.

Martin Schindler was the best player last weekend with thirteen wins. As a result he’s now second in the standings with 43 points. Dragutin Horvat and Thomas Köhnlein managed to win eleven matches last weekend. Rene Eidams, who spoke out his ambitions to get a PDC Tour Card, found his way back on track by winning eight games.

Karsten Koch had a bad weekend as he lost all his matches. Kevin Münch won five matches and dropped out of the top eight. The top eight of the ranking at the end of the season qualifies for the play offs, with the winner of the final day receiving a PDC World Championship spot.

Robert Marijanovic also picked up five wins, but retained his place in the top eight. Christian Bunse won six matches last weekend and is the number five in the rankings, just ahead of Köhnlein, Maik Langendorf and Marijanovic.


Author: Elias Wilhelm