In fifteen matches during the ladies tournament at Lakeside 2018, the women managed to score a maximum of twenty maximum scores. The tournament average was 75.53, according to research by TheRedBit180.

Based on results during the ladies tournament before the final, Anastasia Dobromyslova seemed the big favorite to win a fourth world title. She was in possession of three of the five highest averages during the tournament and threw the most maximum scores.

However, at the time suprême, Ashton managed to peak. ‘The Lancashire Rose’ lost four of the first five legs in the final, before winning eight in a row for the title. It is for the fourth time in five years that Ashton is the best of the ladies tournament at Lakeside. The 47-year-old British threw an average of 89.80 in the final, with distance the highest average during the World Cup.

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Author: Samuel Gill