Darts statistician TheRedBit180 has made an overview which shows the number of certain legs which were thrown during the 2020 PDC World Championship.

There were 1951 legs thrown in the 2020 PDC World Championship. This was at an average of 15.48 darts; 15 darts or less were thrown 56 percent of those legs.

No one could throw a nine-darter at this year’s World Championship. Nico Kurz, Adrian Lewis, Darren Webster and Michael van Gerwen came the closest; with eight perfect arrows with all missing double 12.

A 10-darter was thrown on five occasions during the tournament. A total of 208 legs were thrown; with only 12 darts. This was complemented with 66 11 darters and 137 12 darters.

Author: Samuel Gill