The last 32 is confirmed at the BDO Scottish Open with some big names left on the reckoning.

These include PDC players Diogo Portela, Cody Harris and Jamie Caven. Portela in particular has been impressive seeing off Jim Williams.

Also the likes of recent Dutch Open finalist Ryan Hogarth, Ross Montgomery; as well as former champions in Tony O’Shea and Wesley Harms are still involved.

In terms of defending champion Richard Veenstra; he went out early doors in the Last 128.

Still the tournament is going to likely produce a thrilling conclusion and potentially a new winner.

Last 32
Diogo Portela v Jarred Rafferty
Paul Hogan v Mark Challenger
Ross Montgomery (9) v Mark Barilli
Paul Brown v Chris Landman (8)
Cody Harris v Neil Macdougall
Joe Devlin v Wes Newton (12)
Nick Kenny (13) v Steven Ritchie
Michael Busscher v Scott Mitchell (4)
Wesley Harms (3) v Nicholas Fullwell
Craig Venman v Graham Cummings
Tony O’Shea (11) v Gary Stafford
Darren Layden v Nathan Girvan
Wayne Warren (7) v Ian Lever
Martijn Kleermaker v Carl Hamilton
Ryan Hogarth (15) v Jason Lockhart
Jamie Caven v David Wilson

Credit: Weekly Dartscast


Author: Samuel Gill