DartsNews.com recently had the opportunity to interview “The Lancashire Rose” Lisa Ashton after her England Open triumph.

As well as asking about Ashton recent title win, the topics included the Challenge Tour, BDO World Trophy and the PDC World Championship as well as the Grand Slam.
Q. Thanks for answering some questions for me Lisa, firstly could you tell me how you got into playing darts?
A. My brothers needed someone to practice with so they asked me, well until I started winning then they stopped asking so much.
Q. Recently you defeated Aileen de Graaf in the final of the England Open 5-3 coming through ton plus checkouts including a 135 on the bull from Aileen, how did it feel to claim that title after a close game with De Graaf and what were your overall thoughts on the whole England Darts weekend?
A. Aileen is a fantastic player, total respect, however I just concentrate on my game and hope it’s good enough on the day. It was an amazing feeling to win the English open because it was one I hadn’t won before.
Q. Recently there was also the World Trophy in which you reached the Quarter-Final in losing to Anastasia Dobromyslova, what do you make of your form at the moment and were you gutted that you couldn’t add a third title this time around?
A. Anastasia is playing great at the moment very consistent, my form isnt bad but not as consistent as Anastasia and Fallon have been at the moment. “That’s the game of darts”.

David Gill/DG Media

Photo: David Gill/DG Media

Q. Of course you are a four time BDO Lakeside World Champion recently it was announced that a new PDC World Championship Ladies Qualifier would be introduced, what are your thoughts on that and is there potential for you to play in it?
A. I would love to play in something like that, however to avoid myself from being disappointed if it doesn’t happen I try not to think to much about such matters until they are in black and white.
Q. Speaking of the PDC you have previously played on the Challenge Tour, what did you make of that experience and if the new rules concerning Q-School hadn’t come in would you have played this year as well?
A. I like the opportunity of improving my game and that gave me the chance to play against some top quality players so what’s not to love. I wish I could do more.
Q. Also do you think that the PDC/BDO should look at potentially adding ladies such as yourself who are current major champions into the Grand Slam of Darts?
A. I would love to play in the grand slam, I also think a lot of fans would like to see some ladies play in it. Maybe they could have a ladies grand slam wouldn’t that be great.
Q. Finally what do you make of the growth and strength & depth in women’s darts at the moment?
A. It’s very tough out there with so many great players, not easy to win a major but if you do it’s the best feeling ever because you know you have had to beat some phenomenal ladies to do it.
Interview conducted by Samuel Gill, writer for DartsNews.com.

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Author: Samuel Gill