The action continues in the MODUS Icons of Darts League with the second week of Phase Two reaching it’s fifth day with Martin Adams and Fallon Sherrock both involved.

Sherrock was not been involved on Monday but has returned for the final two days of action with her stint in the Darts from Home with Phil Taylor in between meaning a busy week for the Milton Keynes player.

The other players involved include Justin Smith – who has impressed winning both groups so far. As well as Diogo Portela, Boris Koltsov, James Hubbard and Keelan Kay who was also involved yesterday.

There will be 21 games a day which will be best of 7 legs. Pool A will take part on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

It begins everyday as a result at 10:30am running till 5:30pm and sees live action continue for four more weeks than initially planned.

MODUS Icons of Darts League Phase Two (Week Two) Schedule
Friday 15 May (10:30am-5:30pm)

10:30 Diogo Portela v Boris Koltsov
10:50 James Hubbard v Keelan Kay
11:10 Keelan Kay v Diogo Portela
11:30 Boris Koltsov v James Hubbard
11:50 James Hubbard v Diogo Portela
12:10 Keelan Kay v Boris Koltsov
12:30 Diogo Portela v Justin Smith
12:50 Boris Koltsov v Fallon Sherrock
13:10 Martin Adams v James Hubbard
13:30 Justin Smith v Keelan Kay
14:10 Fallon Sherrock v Diogo Portela
14:30 Boris Koltsov v Martin Adams
14:50 James Hubbard v Justin Smith
15:10 Keelan Kay v Fallon Sherrock
15:30 Diogo Portela v Martin Adams
15:50 Justin Smith v Boris Koltsov
16:10 Fallon Sherrock v James Hubbard
16:30 Martin Adams v Keelan Kay
16:50 Justin Smith v Fallon Sherrock
17:10 Martin Adams v Justin Smith
17:30 Fallon Sherrock v Martin Adams

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Author: Samuel Gill