Week Four of the MODUS Icons of Darts League begins shortly with the likes of Darryl Fitton, Paul Nicholson and Martin Adams all involved.

Fitton and Adams competed in the same group as each other last week; with ‘Wolfie’ as well playing in the MODUS Champions Series on Sunday evening winning it on leg difference. Albeit in a smaller line-up but he will hope to take that form into this week of the Icons of Darts League.

Nicholson is back after a small stint away, as is Justin Smith who was superb in Week Two but had the week off last time out will return this week on Wednesday and Friday, while Scott Marsh takes his place on Monday.

Of those also involved they include Boris Koltsov and Mike Warburton who both smashed in massive averages last Friday to begin proceedings. The Russian has impressed throughout his stint in the Icons of Darts League and will hope for the same today.

Warburton interestingly as well will not be involved for the rest of the week with Fallon Sherrock taking his spot on Wednesday and Friday.

There will be 21 games a day which will be best of 7 legs. Pool A will take part on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It begins everyday as a result at 10:30 am running till 5:30 pm and sees live action continue for four more weeks than initially planned.

The scores are recorded during matches via a webcam with this then uploaded to various scoring services and bookmakers who are all showing the action. The livestream is provided by organiser MODUS .

Schedule MODUS Icons of Darts League

Monday May 25
Day One (10:30 – 18:00 uur)

10:30 Darryl Fitton v Keelan Kay
10:50 Keelan Kay v Boris Koltsov
11:10 Boris Koltsov v Scott Marsh
11:30 Scott Marsh v Darryl Fitton
11:50 Darryl Fitton v Boris Koltsov
12:10 Keelan Kay v Scott Marsh
12:30 Boris Koltsov v Michael Warburton
12:50 Scott Marsh v Paul Nicholson
13:10 Martin Adams v Darryl Fitton
13:30 Michael Warburton v Keelan Kay
14:10 Paul Nicholson v Boris Koltsov
14:30 Scott Marsh v Martin Adams
14:50 Darryl Fitton v Michael Warburton
15:10 Keelan Kay v Paul Nicholson
15:30 Boris Koltsov v Martin Adams
15:50 Michael Warburton v Scott Marsh
16:10 Paul Nicholson v Darryl Fitton
16:30 Martin Adams v Keelan Kay
16:50 Michael Warburton v Paul Nicholson
17:10 Martin Adams v Michael Warburton
17:30 Paul Nicholson v Martin Adams

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Author: Samuel Gill