The World Matchplay may be over but the live action continues for the next few weeks with the continuation of the MODUS Icons of Darts League.

Line-up wise, it is a mix of those who competed at the back end of the last lot of Icons of Darts League. This includes Keelan Kay who picked up his first group win, Scott Marsh and John Brown.

Fallon Sherrock will return to action in the competition this week. As will Diogo Portela and Jose Justicia who finalise proceedings.

There will be 15 games a day which will be best of 9 legs with two Pools set to be involved as usual. It begins everyday as a result at 10:30 am running till 5:00 pm and sees live action continue.

MODUS Icons of Darts League schedule

Monday July 27
Day One (10:30 AM – 5:00 PM)

10:30 Scott Marsh v Diogo Portela
10:55 Jose Justicia v Scott Marsh
11:20 Diogo Portela v Jose Justicia
11:45 Keelan Kay v Scott Marsh
12:10 John Brown v Diogo Portela
12:35 Fallon Sherrock v Jose Justicia
13:00 Scott Marsh v John Brown
13:40 Diogo Portela v Fallon Sherrock
14:05 Jose Justicia v Keelan Kay
14:30 Fallon Sherrock v Scott Marsh
14:55 Keelan Kay v Diogo Portela
15:20 John Brown v Jose Justicia
15:45 Keelan Kay v Fallon Sherrock
16:10 John Brown v Keelan Kay
16:35 Fallon Sherrock v John Brown

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Author: Samuel Gill